Agisoft Endorsed Metashape Training

We are delighted to announce the availability of our new online training course for Agisoft Metashape Standard.

Built on the knowledge of Accupixel founders José Martínez Rubio & Simon Brown – who between them have years of experience working with photogrammetry to demanding and precise levels – the course will accelerate the learning process of photogrammetry and enable Metashape users to extract maximum value from their investment.

Endorsed by Agisoft

We are delighted to announce this course has been endorsed by none other than Agisoft themselves – the authors of Metashape. We are both humbled and proud of this achievement and something we are exceptionally grateful for.

Course Content

Split into two sections. The first half of the course concentrates on photography and the specific requirements of photogrammetry; methods, techniques, formats and equipment are all covered in detail.

The second half of the course concentrates on Metashape principles and workflow, all geared towards achieving efficient, repeatable and consistent results.

How it all works – photogrammetry principles deliver deeper learning and understanding of how photogrammetry delivers a 3D model
Screenshot from a topic – Image quality issues are explained and their impacts demonstrated

The full course comprises of 59 topics, all to be completed at your own pace. The full course structure can be reviewed here:

Full list of topics in the Metashape Standard Edition for Forensics

Both sections have regular quizzes to test and check your knowledge and any completed topic can be referred to in the future for those moments a quick refresher is needed. Throughout the course José & Simon remain on hand to answer any specific questions you may have.

Introductory Offer

The course can be purchased standalone, or as a bundle with Metashape Standard and both have an introductory special offer price that extends to the end of October.